Why this conversion?

Doom Legacy works very badly in recent systems and developpers don't really care anymore. Meanwhile, ZDoom and its forks became more and more popular while giving more features. I think porting this wad to ZDoom was just good common sense.

Where can I find DOOM2.WAD?

Because of legal reasons, we can't provide this file. But you can either buy it on Steam or you can go to the freedoom project website and get the free Freedoom Phase 2 iwad which will work perfectly.

How to play this in multiplayer?

  • If you don't have it, download and install Zandronum + Doomseeker.
  • With Doomseeker, Click File / Create Game or do Ctrl+S. (preview)
  • In General, add as additional WADs and files mikudoom2-skulltag-.pk3 and mikudoom2-extras.wad. (You can also add mikudoom2-musics.pk3 as optional but I don't recommend it for bandwidth reasons) (preview)
  • Still in General, ensure the difficulty level is not higher than 3 (Hurt me Plenty). (higher than that disables alot of Things because of how the maps have been originally made)
  • In Server (previously Misc.) add http://mikudoom.maxlefou.com. This will allow people to automatically download the WADs from here in Doomseeker. (preview)
  • Click Start server, join it by clicking File / Join server and enjoy !

I suggest you set ammo and powerups as respawning and ammo as infinite. Else, you might fight with fists and kicks all the time. :p

Why there is 4 files instead of just 1?

If there is a version for Skulltag and one for ZDoom, it's because the custom ending sequences doesn't work on Skulltag and just prevents the pk3 to be playable. On the other side, GZDoom is multiplayer capable but not ready for an easy user experience.

The high quality musics have been put in a separated pk3 for size and bandwidth reasons in multiplayer.

And for extras, they couldn't be put in the other pk3s because it simply doesn't work that way. Yeah, we know, it sucks...

Then what's the difference between the skulltag pk3 and the zdoom one?

A single one: The normal one displays a custom ending sequence that makes Skulltag/Zandronum crash. The skulltag version doesn't have these endings and, when you complete the last map, you get back to the first one.

Is this mod compatible with Brutal DOOM / any other weapons mod?


Is CCIDave aware of this port? Did he allowed it?

Of course. He even got an eye on the development and even tested the betas before release !