This is where you can get MikuDOOM ported to ZDOOM. Click on the links at the left in the Download box to get what you need.

Standalone installer

A simple Windows installer that will install for you GZDOOM (32bits or 64bits) with freedoom2.wad, mikudoom2-.pk3 and mikudoom2-musics.pk3.

The main mod. This one is only meant for single player and will not work on Skulltag/Zandronum.

The Skulltag/Zandronum friendly version of the mod. This will work on all versions of ZDOOM and is the one you need for multiplayer.


MP3 quality musics instead of lightweighted but lame midi files. :p


Extra player appearances for multiplayer.

About the mod and its port

Asahina Mikuru no Daibouken (AKA MikuDOOM 2 or MikuDOOM Z) Is a PK3 mod pack for DOOM II (ZDoom) created by CCIDave and based on the series The Melancholy of Haruhi Suzumiya.

Originally, Mikudoom is a WAD for DOOM Legacy created by CCIDave and was about Mikuru Asahina, in quest of saving Itsuki Koizumi from the alien Yuki Nagato's clutches (and eventually save the Earth)... This wad was made by Kyon because Haruhi asked him to make a videogame.

However, this wad was made in the late 2000s for DOOM Legacy which is an antique engine which doesn't work properly on the later Windows OSes. And on its side, ZDoom and its forks (GZDoom, Skulltag/Zandronum) became more popular because of their flexibility.

This website is about MikuDOOM Z, (AKA MikuDOOM 2) a zdoom total conversion of the original mikudoom by CCIDave, so it will be more easily playable, even in multiplayer !

For those who prefers Doom Legacy, the original wads are still available on CCIDave's website.


  • Will need DOOM II's IWAD instead of DOOM's. 99.9% of all the wads uses the DOOM II IWAD. Alternatively, the free IWAD of Freedoom Phase 2 also works with it. While you can just download the pk3, you can alternatively download an installer which will install GZdoom + the pk3 + freedoom2.wad for an out-of-the-box experience!!!
  • Works on GZDoom and Skulltag/Zandronum. There's two versions of the pk3 for these engines. ( doesn't work on Skulltag and Zandronum, but will work on it) However, none of them will work at all on Doom Legacy or any other DOOM port.
  • The two original tutorial episodes are mixed into one. There is now two episodes. The first one will start the two tutorial levels before taking you to the main levels. The second episode will let you play the main levels directly.
  • Multilingual support (Only english and french are included so far. Feel free to share your own translations using Gitlab here!)
  • Levels intros are now cinematics instead of just text.
  • The maps supports up to 8 single players in co-op.
  • Some graphics and sounds (especially the voices) are in high quality, and some others are updated.
  • Will have the closest feel to the original deal of course!
  • Formatted in PK3 instead of WAD.